Useful URLs for Designing Web Pages

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Compiled by Cynthia A. Lockley with additional submissions from Bill Killam and Kathy Bine. This handout was prepared for the 10 December 2003 presentation of "Section 508: Background, Practical Strategies and New Technologies" (speakers: Bill Killam, Cynthia Lockley, and Kathy Bine).

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Last updated: April 3, 2024

Apache Server Tools





Fonts, Code & Style Guides, Performance Testing

Good Examples

Bad CSS Examples

(a How To for making CSS do annoying things—use them
to destroy your otherwise perfect and visually attractive CSS design)


  • Compliance Sheriff® checks websites (and validate applications such as Microsoft Office and PDF documents for any compliance regulation including custom rules) to assure compliance with federal and international accessibility guidelines (WCAG, Section 508, AODA, Canada's Standard on Accessibility). Monitors sites for brand integrity and site quality issues, including missing SEO keywords, inconsistent logos, broken links, typos, changed pages, and site up/down monitoring to promote site excellence.
  • Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is a web-based platform that provides a scalable, turnkey solution for meeting your Section 508, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance needs.
  • Style Master CSS Editor for Windows and Macintosh (their tutorial course
    is excellent)

And for a little humor on the side when you get really frustrated:

Last modified: 3 April 2024
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