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We're on the lookout for volunteers (STC members and nonmembers). If you think you can spare some time to help us, you'll add valuable experience and gain new contacts. Please fill in this form and click on the Submit form button below the form after you've proved that you are human and not a robotic form spammer. The information you enter will be forwarded to the volunteer committee manager. Your information will be used for purposes of managing the applications only and will not be sold or distributed to third parties. Membership in STC is not a requirement; experienced professionals and students are welcome to volunteer.

If you need more information about the committees before you make a commitment, look at the list of Chapter Committees. See the list of Current Chapter Volunteer Openings for descriptions of duties and time commitments. Let us know what you're skills and interests are.

STC membership is required to volunteer for an Administrative Council position. All other positions are open to nonmembers.
To volunteer as a judge in the STC Alliance Competition, use the Call for Judges. (Please note that you must use the Google Chrome browser to complete and submit the judging form.).

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Last modified: February 6, 2022
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