Chapter Volunteer Policies and Procedures

Who Can Do Hiring

The Chapter Bylaws specify that the Chapter President identifies candidates for Committee Manager positions. The council must vote on and approve each Committee Manager.

Further the Chapter Bylaws indicate that all Committee Managers are the hiring managers for their committees.

All ad hoc positions are managed either by a member of the Chapter council or by someone the council has delegated the responsibility to.

When Does a Job Begin or End

All jobs within the Chapter are renewable at the beginning of each Chapter year (January to January). In general, the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter endorses a policy of turnover in jobs. The intent of this policy is to allow all volunteers the opportunity to learn and grow with new experiences. In addition, this policy is intended to limit the concerns that a job may be owned by one person. Some jobs require specific job skills or experience. These are identified in the Chapter Volunteer Job Descriptions.

Right to a Job

With the exception of elected positions, as set forth in the Chapter Bylaws, no member is automatically entitled to any position within the Chapter. The Council, through its selection of Committee Managers, controls who occupies what position and when.

Non-STC members may participate in STC Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter activities including participating as committee members. Non-STC members may not hold any position higher than committee member.

All committee manager positions, including elected positions, are reserved for STC Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter members.

Last modified: January 8, 2018
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