Current Chapter Volunteer Openings

This page lists the current positions that need volunteers. Click on the job title for a full job description.

All positions in the chapter have a job description. To see the job descriptions of all possible positions, see Chapter Volunteer Job Descriptions.

If you are interested in serving the chapter as a volunteer, fill in the Chapter Volunteer Signup Form or get in touch with the contacts listed in the descriptions for each opening in the following committees (committees without current openings are not shown). Please review the chapter's Chapter Volunteer Policies and Procedures.

Administrative Council

The following positions on the Administrative Council are vacant. The links to the job descriptions go to the Administrative Council Roles page.

Chapter Committees

The time commitments below are flexible and may be reduced or increased based on your availability and interest. We have broken some of the large tasks down to smaller tasks so that more of you may contribute to the chapter. Some tasks require a few hours of your time on a one time activity for the year or on a small task. Other tasks require more time commitment. So depending on how much you feel you can spare to help lead the chapter, please read the descriptions below and let us know where you'd like to help.

List of Open Volunteer Positions

Table contents

The first column shows the type of position which links to the job description; the second column shows an estimated time commitment..

Chapter Need Approximate Time Commitment
Any Committee
Generic Committee Member Varies according to the level of commitment needed and the functions or assigned tasks for a committee.
Auditor 8 hours per chapter year
Community Service
Community Service Committee Manager Approximately 4 hours or less per month
Charitable Giving Coordinator Works with the Events Manager and the Community Service Manager: 2 hours or less per month
Community Outreach Assistant Works with the Events Manager and the Community Service Manager: 2 hours or less per month
STC Alliance Competition Chapter Representative Approximately 12-15 hours per month between July / August or November through January depending on the schedule for the competition and about 4 hours per month through mid-April. Approximately 8 to 10 hours to scout and recruit prospective judges for the competition.
Awards Celebration Photographer Noon until 2:30 p.m. in February or March.
Or: 9:00 a.m. until noon
Judges 10-20 hours judging entries between early December and mid-January, 2 in-person meetings to pick up entries and decide on awards with your judging team
Events Reviewer / Reporter Attendance at events and write review of the event for the Events & News website
Nominations Committee Manager 8 hours in August / September
Chapter Officers Nominations Coordinator 8 hours in August / September
Elections Manager 8 hours in September / October
Associate Fellow Nominations Coordinator 4-8 hours prior to the Society due date (usually mid-October)
Jay R. Gould Award Nominations Coordinator 4-8 hours prior to the Society due date (usually mid-November)
Web Writer: Events & News 2-4 hours per article. Post them to the blog.
Member Recognition Publicist 2 hours per month
Corporate Outreach Coordinator 2 hours or less per month
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning Committee Manager Approximately 4 hours or less per month.
Strategic Planning Committee Member 1 to 2 meetings per year
Website Team
Web Writer: Events & News 5-8 hours per month.

Besides volunteering to support the chapter, there are many community service opportunities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to volunteer your time, resources, or services to help your neighbors and your community. See the list of Volunteer for Community Outreach organizations.

Last modified: September 5, 2021
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