List Manager (CHAT and ANNC)

Job Description

Committee affiliation: Publicity


The Publicity List Manager maintains the chapter's interactive Chat discussion list (wdcb_chat) for members only (this list is not moderated). The manager also uses the chapter's Announcement Mailing list (wdcb_annc) to inform members and nonmembers of chapter events and other local organizational events.

  • Maintain operation of the Chat discussion list. See CHAT Discussion List
  • Maintain operation of the Announcement mailing list. See Announcement (ANNC) Mailing List
  • Organize and edit information received from chapter committees for distribution in the Announcement Mailing list, the STC WDCB Forum, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Events & News site as appropriate.
  • Answer questions or respond to comments received using e-mail.

Manager Duties

  • The manager approves subscribers to the lists and makes updates as needed.
  • There is no budget associated with the lists. This is a free service provided by the Society.
  • Submit a monthly status report by e-mail to the President and Vice-President regarding all current and upcoming activities.
  • Coordinate with the chapter President and Website Team committees to publicize chapter news and events.

Experience and Skills

  • Familiarity with Mailman mailing list applications.
  • Familiarity with who chapter members are.
  • Experience as a Membership manager is a plus.


  • Personal computer
  • E-mail address

Time Commitment

20-40 hours per year.


If you are interested in serving the chapter as a volunteer, please fill in the Volunteer Signup form.

Last modified: March 23, 2016
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