Hospitality Committee Member

Job Description

Committee affiliation: Hospitality


  • Welcome members and guests attending chapter meetings and events.
  • Introduce guests and new members to officers and other members.
  • Suggest door prizes to give away at chapter meetings.
  • Distribute tickets for door prizes at the chapter meetings.
  • Act as room monitors for speakers as part of the annual seminar series or workshops being held as part of the chapter's Knowledge University.
  • Answer questions about the chapter, its events and goals, as well as those of the Society.
  • Direct members inquiring about:
    • Membership to the Membership Committee Manager.
    • Education to the Education Committee Manager.
    • Events and topics to the Events Committee Manager.
    • Volunteer opportunities to the Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Employment opportunities to the Employment Committee Manager.

Experience and Skills

To be determined.



Time Commitment

Attendance at chapter events. Additional time commitments to be determined.


If you are interested in serving the chapter as a volunteer, please fill in the Volunteer Signup form.

Last modified: February 17, 2016
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