Competition Publications Manager

Job Description

Committee affiliation: Competition


  • Develop a theme for the competition (in conjunction with the Competition Manager)
  • Create the Call for Entries, application forms, theme artwork, receipt response postcards, and Awards Celebration booklet
  • Prepare mailing list and get address labels for the Call for Entries
  • Recruit individuals and organizations for donated services (such as graphic design, printing, and mailing)
  • Locate printer
  • Organize physical mailing and distribution
  • Prepare input about the competition for the chapter's website


  1. Update entry and order forms
  2. Update website about this year's competition (with links to new forms, new dates, contacts, etc.)
  3. Announce the competition on the website with links
  4. Update mailing lists
  5. Send announcement messages to mailing lists with the flyers
  6. Post the Joy of Entering
  7. Post the Joy of Judging
  8. Post about related webinars and training
  9. Post competition status updates
  10. Post competition awards celebration information
  11. Post list of local winners
  12. Post list of international winners
  13. Update website to prep for next year's information (deactivate this year's dates, etc.; activate interim passages)

Time Commitment

Twenty hours per month preparing for the competition starting in July or August until the Calls are mailed and the website is updated in September/October. Then about 20 hours in February preparing the Awards Program booklet/sheet.


If you are interested in serving the chapter as a volunteer, please fill in the Volunteer Signup form.

Last modified: February 16, 2016
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