Employment Committee Manager

Job Description

Committee affiliation: Employment


The Employment Committee maintains the Jobs Board for Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter members and potential employers. Members who are looking for work may contribute copies of their resume to the resume bank. Committee members participate in developing the Salary Survey and assist in publishing the results of the survey. The Employment Committee also provides members with informal "career counseling" and helps potential employers identify their needs. This personal touch makes the Employment Committee a powerful advertising tool for both the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter and the field of technical communication itself.

For more information, see the Employment / Career Resources or contact the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter Employment Committee Manager.

The Employment Committee manager does the following specific tasks:

  • In November or December, develop a budget for planned projects for the year ahead (a sample budget is available).
  • Guide members of the committee so that all committee duties are fulfilled.
  • Develop and distribute a contact list of committee members and their roles.
  • Respond to inquiries about employment.
  • Review Employment Web pages and provide input when needed.
  • Conduct a chapter salary survey every two to three years.
  • Help arrange a Career Day event.
  • Provide input for the Employment Booth at the annual conference as needed.
  • Submit a monthly status report by email to the President and Vice-President (or post to the Admin Council Group's monthly status reports files) regarding all current and upcoming committee activities.

Experience and Skills

  • WordPress.org 6.4.3+ Text Editor enough to post announcements
  • Experience working with or willing to learn and use online project management tools such as Basecamp
  • Ability to create a survey of chapter members using SurveyMonkey
  • Ability to create roster reports from the STC membership database and post to the admin council
  • Ability to lead a team and to work on a team
  • Previous experience managing a committee is a plus
  • Good time management
  • Strong communication / interpersonal skills
  • An outgoing and friendly personality
  • Good organizational skills
  • Able to meet deadlines and able to identify and report problems with meeting those deadlines; willing to ask for help when needed


  • Computer with reliable Internet access
  • Email address (Google is preferred for working with Google calendar, Basecamp, and other tools)
  • Word processing software
  • HTML / CSS / PHP text editor

Optional items that may be helpful:

  • FAX or scanner
  • Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Time Commitment

8 hours per month


If you are interested in serving the chapter as a volunteer, please fill in the Chapter Volunteer Signup Form.

Last modified: December 19, 2021
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