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Volunteer for the Chapter

STC is a volunteer organization. Chapter leaders and committee members do not get paid for our efforts. However, STC rewards those who volunteer by giving them the benefit of a membership organization that emphasizes professional development, networking, and above all, a sense of belonging. STC offers individuals the opportunity to exercise their talents and learn skills outside their business environment by volunteering.

Anyone who has volunteered for the Chapter will tell you what a positive experience it was both professionally and personally. The Chapter volunteer manager tries very hard to ensure your interests and the needs of the Chapter are met. In this way, the volunteer experience creates a win-win for both the volunteer and the membership at large. Let us know what your interests are, the skills you can offer, and the skills you'd like to learn.

Volunteering is how we grow ourselves and the Chapter. It makes our professional and personal networks strong. Only when we are strong can we best serve our professional community. Giving our best requires we meet the expectations set out for each committee as well as the roles assigned, either as a committee manager or as a committee member.

Volunteering in the Community

Besides volunteering to support the chapter, there are educational and community service opportunities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to volunteer your time, resources, or services to help your neighbors and your community.

Last modified: June 29, 2018
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