Donations Wish List

Ways to Sponsor the Chapter

As a nonprofit and charitable 501(c)(3) organization, STC WDCB never has the money for items that would make our activities run more smoothly. We rely almost exclusively on corporate angels that lend us their facilities and other resources for an evening event, a Saturday workshop, or the competition. Perhaps you are in the position to help us.

Wish List

Our wish list includes, but is not limited to, the following items for our chapter activities and events.

  • Meeting room space (in Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas)
  • Competition – location space for judge’s training or consensus judging
  • Competition – awards celebration expenses
  • Competition – help a student attend the awards celebration
  • Competition – defray the cost to send a DTC entry to the STC international competition (if applicable)
  • Event catering donations
  • Avery laser name tag and tent card supplies
  • Overhead projector
  • Lapel microphone (cordless, if possible)
  • Folding aluminum easels
  • Display stands and easels
  • Large bulletin board (both cork and marker)
  • Literature displays for brochures and winning competition entries
  • Storage space for chapter archives
  • PC and Macintosh laptops with CD readers (to display online entry winners at the awards celebration)
  • Portable TV/VCR
  • Memorial award fund donations

For a brief summary about our chapter, see the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter brochure (.pdf).

Memorial Award Donations

Your voluntary donation to the STC Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter will help the chapter with our operating expenses for events, for competitions, for the website, and support the funds for our Austin T. Brown Technical Communication Award for high school students and the Shirley G. Carter Memorial Award for college students. Consult your tax advisor to find out if your donation is tax deductible. If you would like to make a contribution to the chapter, please contact the chapter president, Greta Boller Buskirk, to donate to the chapter. Please use "WDCB Donation to Memorial Awards" in the Subject line. Thank you!

The Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter reserves the right to refuse or reject the donation of any company or individual, and to reject links to URLs that are deemed inappropriate. The chapter's website manager has final say in these decisions.

For information about making donations or for participating in STC's Sustaining Organization Program, see Corporate Sponsorship.

For a brief summary about our chapter, see the Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter brochure (.pdf).

How to Donate Material Items or Services

To donate equipment or services, contact the chapter president, Greta Boller Buskirk, to donate equipment or services.
See our Donations Wish List for suggestions.

How to Donate Money

Using Our PayPal Account

You may use our PayPal Verified account to make a secure online donation to the award using your credit card, debit card, bank account, or by paying money from a funded PayPal account. To use our PayPal account, click the PayPal button below. See the PayPal FAQ for information about using PayPal.

You may use PayPal to pay by credit card or to make your payment electronically from a funded account. To use PayPal, click the PayPal button to the right. See the PayPal FAQ for help using PayPal.

Or you may pay by check. Make your check payable to STC Washington, DC – Baltimore Chapter. Please write on the check that the payment is a donation and mail it to the chapter treasurer.

Please contact the Treasurer for the mailing address.

Federal Tax ID for the Chapter: 52-1296396.

Federal Tax ID for the Society: 31-4424296.

Last modified: February 15, 2018
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