Chapter Officers

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Chapter Officers and Leadership

Chapters run on volunteer energy. All chapter leadership positions are filled with volunteers from chapter members and we have occasionally had nonmembers volunteer for committees. Chapter officers and At-Large-Directors must be STC members in good standing. Volunteer candidates are elected by the chapter membership to serve on the administrative council for one or more years. Descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of the elected positions on the Administrative Council are provided in the Administrative Council Roles page. The Administrative Council is governed by the 2014 Chapter Bylaws (188 K .pdf).

Current Officers – 2022-2023

The chapter officers for the current chapter year are

Male avatar with brunette hair wearing a blue sweater and a face mask.
Vacant President: Email: chapter president, Acting chapter membership manager
Photo of Sean Stevenson at the beach
Sean Stevenson
Acting First Vice President: Sean Stevenson
Also serves as First Friday Lunches manager.
Email: first vice president,
Female avatar with black hair and a green t-shirt wearing a face mask.
Vacant Second Vice President:
Female avatar with brown hair in a rose sweater wearing a face mask.
Vacant Secretary:
maintains Administrative Council minutes and records
Photo of Annette Reilly
Annette Reilly
Treasurer: Annette Reilly
Finance Committee manager
Email: chapter treasurer
Photo of Viqui Dill

Viqui Dill
Director-at-Large: Viqui Dill
Social Media manager
Email: social media manager
Photo of Cynthia A. Lockley
Cynthia A. Lockley
Director-at-Large: Cynthia A. Lockley
Website Team manager, Bylaws Committee manager, Competition Committee member, Publicity Committee member, stationary designer
Email: website team manager
Photo of Tavia Record
Tavia Record
Immediate Past President: Tavia Record, Global MasterClass Series manager, Volunteers committee manager
Email: immediate past president, volunteers manager

Leadership Resources for Communities

Community Resource Contacts

Table contents

The first column shows the name of the community resource and the second column shows the contact information.

Community Affairs Committee (CAC) Ann Marie Queeney, STC CAC Chair
STC CAC chair
Leadership Resources
Community Liaison Office vacant, Director of Meetings and Convention Operations
Phone: 571-366-1902
Chapter Membership Point of Contact Erin Gallalee, Director of Operations, Membership, and Community Relations
Erin Gallalee
Phone: 571-366-1914
Last modified: 20 December 2022
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