Lola Zook

Individual Honors

photo of Lola ZookSadly, "STC Fellow Lola Zook passed away peacefully on Friday, July 30, 1999. Although Lola had not been in the best of health, it was still unexpected. From reports, it appears that Lola simply went to sleep in her favorite chair surrounded by papers, STC and others, through which she was sorting."

Lola Moeller Zook, 89, worked for 22 years at the Human Resources Research Organization, which does personnel studies. Lola retired in 1975 as editorial and production center director at HumRRO. She had lived 5 years in Japan from 1947 to 1952 accompanying her husband to his Red Cross post. While there, she worked as a technical editor for the Allied occupation forces and received the Army's Meritorious Civilian Service Award for her work on a 2-volume book on natural resources. Lola graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Iowa in 1930 and served STC for many years, producing numerous articles and publications.

We are proud that Lola was honored in the first group of STC Exemplars in 1999.

Last modified: September 5, 2017
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