Annette Reilly

STC Fellow; 2015-2019 Chapter Treasurer;
Formerly STC Associate Fellow; 2010-2012 Competition Manager; 2008-2010 Competition Technical Publications Competition Co-Manager; 1993-1994 STC Society President

Annette D. Reilly

Annette Reilly was a proposal developer and engineering manager during her 31-year career with Lockheed Martin. A Fellow and Past President of STC, she has been a judge for the International Summit Competition over 20 times and frequent co-manager of the chapter's competition. Annette initiated the Online Communication Competition for the chapter in the 1996-1997 competitions. She currently works on international standards for software and systems documentation as the IEEE Computer Society representative to several ISO and IEEE committees, and edits the dictionary of Software and Systems Engineering Vocabulary at

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Last modified: July 6, 2018
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