Linda Budinski

2011 At-Large Director;
Formerly 2009-2010 Competition Recognitions Manager

Portrait of Linda Budinski sitting at the registration desk.
Linda Budinski sitting at a chapter meeting registration desk.

A Virginia resident for two years now, Linda hails from Rochester, NY. There she enjoyed careers in both commercial banking and technical writing.

During her writing career, Linda was a member of STC's vibrant Rochester chapter where she served on the local conference committee several times. Past writing projects include printed and online documentation for end users, service personnel, and administrators; engineering design and interface control documents; and many editing assignments. Her work received awards in both chapter and international competitions.

Back in NY, Linda served as board member and active volunteer for the Rochester City School District and Literacy Volunteers. Since arriving in the DC area, she can be found volunteering as a gardener at Carlyle House.

Presently, Linda works at the International Trade Administration writing documents that support the Security Re-architecture initiative.

Linda holds a BS in Business Administration from SUNY at Buffalo with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Finance and a Certificate in Technical Writing from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Last modified: 17 April 2024
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