Administrative Council

The Administrative Council can consist of the following volunteer elected positions: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one to three At-Large Directors. The number of positions filled depends on the number of volunteers who are willing to serve the chapter in a leadership role. The Chapter Bylaws (188 K .pdf) specify which positions are the bare minimum a chapter needs to continue as a functioning chapter. All chapters must have a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. No person may hold more than one office at the same time, except the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, which may be held by one person at the same time. All elected officers must be STC members in good standing.

A student, regular, or senior STC member may serve as an At-Large Director or officer of the Chapter and may serve as a member of a chapter committee, except as expressly restricted in the Bylaws or by resolution of the Administrative Council.

The extended Administrative Council includes anyone else the council deems advisable such as managers of active committees, special projects, and managers of local Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Administrative Council elections are held each Spring. See the Administrative Council Roles page for information about each elected position. The Administrative Council is governed by the Chapter Bylaws (188 K .pdf).

Current Officers – 2021-2022

The chapter officers for the current chapter year are

Photo of Tavia Record
Tavia Record
President: Tavia Record
Global MasterClass Series manager,
Email: chapter president
Photo of Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley
First Vice President Adam Bradley
Mentor Program manager, Email: first vice president
mentoring program manager
Photo of Allison Gisinger
Allison Gisinger
Second Vice President: Allison Gisinger
Membership manager, First Friday Lunches manager
Email: second vice president
Email: chapter membership manager
Photo of Maeve Wiegand
Maeve Wiegand
Secretary: Maeve Wiegand
maintains Administrative Council minutes and records, Communications manager, Website Assistant
Email: chapter secretary
Email: communications manager
Email: website team assistent
Photo of Annette Reilly
Annette Reilly
Treasurer: Annette Reilly
Finance Committee manager
Email: chapter treasurer
Photo of Viqui Dill

Viqui Dill
Director-at-Large: Viqui Dill
Social Media manager
Email: social media manager
Photo of Cynthia A. Lockley
Cynthia A. Lockley
Director-at-Large: Cynthia A. Lockley
Website Team manager, Bylaws Committee manager, Competition Committee member, Publicity Committee member, stationary designer
Email: website team manager
Photo of Tavia Record
Tavia Record
Immediate Past President: Tavia Record
Volunteers committee manager
Email: immediate past president
volunteers manager


The names of the chapter officers above are links to their biography page.

About Administrative Council Meetings

The Administrative Council or extended council meets at the discretion of the President or at the request of two or more members of the Council. Votes on issues may be taken if a quorum is present. A quorum for transacting business at such a meeting is ten percent (10%) of all the voting members.

All chapter members in good standing are welcome to attend and participate in all Administrative Council meetings. Only the current elected chapter officers are eligible to vote on administrative issues: the Immediate Past President does not participate in voting but acts as an advisor. Other members of the extended council (committee managers and subcommittee managers) serve as advisors to the elected officers on administrative issues.

Administrative Council Meeting Locations

Council meetings are held by teleconference once a month from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET. Some chapter leaders live in different time zones so this time slot allows west coast attendees to participate during the late afternoon.

There are some face-to-face meetings which include volunteer recognitions, an annual business meeting, and a summer planning work group. Face-to-face meetings always involve food, which is why we need to know if you are attending so we can plan to have enough food for everyone.

How to Join the Administrative Council Meeting Teleconference

The monthly meeting will be announced online using the Events and News website, the chapter's Facebook page, Twitter account, and the council's Basecamp Admin Council project group.

When a teleconference is scheduled, an invitation is sent to Admin Council members and registered attendees with instructions on how to join the meeting. To receive an invitation to join the call, send a message to the chapter secretary saying you'd like to join the call.

Last modified: December 11, 2021
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