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PDF Files

This page provides information for downloading PDF and zipped files.

To download Portable Document Format (PDF) files:

If your browser is configured to use Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, clicking on a link for a PDF file will trigger Acrobat Reader to start up and you will be able to view the PDF file in your browser window. To save the file, click on the disk symbol or use Save as… source in the File menu.

If you don't have a PDF helper application (Adobe® Acrobat® Reader) installed, you can download a FREE copy from Adobe® Acrobat®. You will then need to install it and set your browser preferences to use Acrobat Exchange for all .pdf files. Or, you can copy the PDF files to your hard disk and read them later when you have more time to install the reader.

Zipped Files

To download zipped files

  1. Click on the selection you want and choose "Save File" to download a file.
  2. Within your browser you may see a prompt that you are trying to download a file type of application/octet-stream exe. Choose "Save File" which will activate the computer to acquire the program/file through FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
    • In Macintosh, a download status window will appear showing the time remaining to complete the download and may indicate what application may be used to unzip the file (if you have specified one in your browser application preferences). The file will be saved to the location you've specified for your downloads.
    • In Windows, a menu of your computer's directory should appear. You should choose to save this file to a known location on your hard drive; for example, your "temp" directory. The file is already named xxxxxx.exe. After choosing "Save" or "OK," the file will then be transmitted to your computer/destination drive.

To unzip zipped files

  • In Macintosh, double click the zipped file and select Open. The files will be unzipped in the same directory as the .zip file is located.
  • In Windows, you must have a decompression utility such as WINZIP—download and install the free evaluation version.

To decompress other types of files (.sit and .sitz), Stuffit Deluxe and Stuffit Expander is available for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Last modified: December 5, 2021
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