Carolyn Kelley Klinger

STC Fellow;
Former Associate Fellow; 2013 Immediate Past President; 2012 Chapter President & Events Committee Manager; 2008-2009 competition PR manager; 2001-2003 chapter president, first & second vice president; committee manager

photo of Carolyn Kelley Klinger

Carolyn Kelley Klinger is a member of the Competition Committee and Events Commitee and also helps with chapter administration. She has held all chapter leadership roles since first serving as Chapter Secretary in 1998. Volunteering has improved her professional career and she recommends it to everyone. Her highest priority now is mentoring new leaders who can take the chapter into the future while also strengthening their own careers.

A technical writer with a Master's degree in Geography, Carolyn now works as a technical communicator in the biomedical informatics field. You can find out more about her professional life on LinkedIn. She lives in Olney, Maryland with her husband and son.

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Last modified: August 6, 2017
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